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Meet Becci


Certified coach, meditation teacher, healer and creator of the Peace Project

I am a certified Mind Detox practitioner, Calmologist, Calm Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher and Equine Assisted Educator with a degree in Environmental Biology.

My particular skill set comes from a deep interest in health, healing, nature and psychology and my personal experiences. 

I help people from all walks of life achieve their goals and let go of their limiting beliefs through gaining a better understanding of how the mind works and the power of our innate wisdom.

I also have a passionate interest in corporate wellbeing and performance with a desire to make the workplace a happy and healthy place to be.  

I started my personal health and wellbeing journey in 1996 and have been a qualified coach and healer since 2010.


What makes me unique

I believe that we are all extraordinary and talented beings with gifts and abilities to share with the world. What makes me unique is my journey, and the beings along the way that have shaped me into the person I am today. I have had some great teachers over the years in Reiki, meditation, coaching skills and facilitation. Some of my favourite teachers in that mix have been horses.

I grew up with horses, and alongside learning to look after and train them, I learnt valuable healing, listening and leadership skills from them. 

Horses are powerful beings, with a grounded sense of the here and now. Horses have taught me to be compassionate, a good listener, to trust my instincts and to look after myself. The remain my biggest teachers and a source of great wisdom.

20150522 Barbara Yeo Photography Becci H

My story

I never expected to become a coach or Reiki teacher, however when I went to uni to study Environmental Science, I was about to learn something about myself and life I wasn't expecting.

For a very long time, I'd been very tired. I would struggle to stay awake at school and would have to take a nap after swim training. I put it down to a busy schedule. I did several sports, played two musical instruments, looked after horses - I figured I was tired from a busy life.

But when I was at uni, all those activities stopped, and yet I was still exhausted, all the time.

Eventually, after 3 years of blood tests, doctors gave me the diagnosis of M.E./Chronic Fatigue. There was little known about the cause or remedy for this illness back then. Not one to accept the prospect of spending my life on benefits unable to work or take care of myself, I took matters into my own hands, and my recovery journey began...

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