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Calm @ Christmas

How to stay Calm and grounded over the festive season

The popular Calm @ Christmas masterclass is back!

Whilst Christmas can be a wonderful time, it's not without it's challenges. If you find the festive season stressful, then this free 1hr workshop will help you to navigate this time of year with more ease and compassion.

Through understanding how our left and right brains operate, learn how to stay grounded in the moment so you can let go of the triggers that tip you into stress and overthinking.

Including a two practical exercises to stay anchored in the here and now, you will experience first hand the benefits of your peaceful presence, so you can be a source of love and light for yourself and others.

If you have any questions, please reach out and get in touch!

Evening Reiki Share
Evening Reiki Share
Multiple Dates
25 Jun 2024, 19:30
Mark Cross

What's next?

If you enjoyed the workshop, then you'll love the 6-week Introduction To Meditation course! 

In this 6 week Introduction To Meditation course, you will learn some simple tools and methods to reconnect with the stillness within, and discover the joy of being present.


Educational talks, interspersed with practical exercises and guided meditations helps the participant to build up their familiarity with living in an aware state, and how to deal with the inevitable healing that happens when we allow our bodies and minds to rest. 

Register now to enjoy a £15 discount on the ticket fee!

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