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Health & Healing

The number one cause of health issues, is stress. Either passed down through the generations, experienced during our lifetime or experienced from the environment we live in - our body is a barometer for the harmony or disharmony that we are currently experiencing.

What is healing?

"To heal is to make whole and to be whole is to meet life with all of us."

For many of us, we have not yet reached this state of enlightenment. This usually means that there are parts of ourselves that we have hidden away that we haven't fully integrated into our full selves.

Health is dependent on having a vibrant and free-following energy. When we have unresolved life experiences, these can show up in the body, mind as a disconnection to Self, causing health issues, relationship issues, fears, worries and anxieties and poor personal and professional performance. 

Working with the body and mind, can show up these disconnections to Self and create an opportunity to integrate them through consciousness. 

Through coaching, Becci can help people to understand the hidden messages from the body, and heal the mind based causes for disfunction. Through hands on healing, Becci is able to sense energy imbalances and provide a channel for energy to flow to allow healing and harmonisation to take place.

Learn Reiki

Becci has been a Reiki Master Teacher since 2014. Teaching Reiki to students is one of her favourite activities as it empowers an individual to take positive action to support their health and wellbeing.


The practice of Reiki is divided into 5 parts:

  1. The Reiki Precepts - a code of conduct to live by

  2. Meditation - to develop self awareness and one pointed-ness

  3. Hands on Healing - to harmonise and heal the body, mind and spirit

  4. Symbols and Mantras - to develop focus and clear the body energetically

  5. Attunement/blessing - a ritual between student and teacher to awaken healing potential

There are 3 levels to Reiki, plus the option to go on and become a teacher. Each level is a 2 day course, followed by self practice and the submission of case studies (if desired). 

Level I - Shoden - "First Teachings". Learn the basics to treat yourself, friends and family

Level II - Okuden - "Inner Teachings". Learn the 3 symbols and how to set yourself up to work professionally

Level III - Shinpiden - "Mystery Teachings". Become and embody the meaning of the 4th symbol

Teacher - Learn the attunement/blessing process and the structure necessary to share this with others

Every student interested in learning is invited to come and have a treatment with me first to see that we are a good fit. Get in touch to arrange a time to chat.

Reiki Treatment
Zen Garden


"Just woken up the past two days with minimal pain. Early days but connecting and dealing with the past pain is helping me with NOW and the future . Thank you x x"

Coleen, Reiki Client

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