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Horse Assisted Learning

Horse Assisted Learning is a form of personal development that involves horses. Highly emotional and sentient beings, horses are very good at being truthful, authentic and in the moment. They are pleasant to be around and can provide enormous wellbeing benefits through their playful and interactive ways 

Why learn from horses?

Horses posses a lot of the skills humans desire and benefit from learning. Horses are flight animals, meaning they choose to run away from danger, and have therefore evolved to be highly in-tune with themselves and their environments. Their keen sense of awareness are the same skills taught in mindfulness practice and their small thinking brain (neocortex) compared to humans means that they are naturally in the hear and now, rather than being distracted by thinking.

Instead, horses have highly developed heart and gut brains. The heart brain is their main form of communication and how horses bond and work together as a herd. The gut brain is the seat of their instinct and intuition and works to keep them safe. Tapping into their gut brain helps a horses to take calculated risks and keep away from danger.  

Learning experiences with horses includes :

  • observing their natural behaviours

  • exploring what their behaviour brings up in us

  • developing greater self-awareness

  • mimicking their honesty and authenticity

  • learning to speak up and say our truth, verbally and non-verbally

  • developing the ability to be present and in the moment

  • making new relationships and building trust

  • gentle interactions with the horses where the horse is seen as an equal.

Becci has been providing learning experiences with horses since 2010 and understands first hand the power they have to teach us powerful lessons and important life skills. 

Sessions with the horses can be done as a stand along personal development session or package, or as part of a Breakthrough experience, where people can spend a day at Becci's farm with the horses in East Sussex and explore all hear coaching and healing modalities.

Get in touch if you'd like to know more. Corporate companies interested in learning experiences with horses or wellbeing sessions to support staff are advised to visit our sister website: HorseSense UK.

Zen Garden


"It was so lovely working with you and the horses! I had an opportunity to deal with a situation by altering my behaviour and it worked much better."

— Helen, Women's Empowerment Day

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