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Becci Godfrey

Discover your potential

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Hi, I’m Becci

I am a Personal & Professional Development Coach

My passion in life is people. 

I love seeing people be successful and achieve their dreams. I have made it my life's work to help people to do the one thing I know underpins all success: being our authentic selves.


It is my experience that all success, be it health, relationships, career, wealth or simply living a life aligned with your values, comes from knowing and being who you are. 

To that end I have trained in coaching, healing and facilitation techniques to help people to discover their inner greatness and shine, as we are all meant to.

What I Offer


Mental Wellness

The average person has about 100,000 thoughts a day, and not all of them are positive. Meditation can help us change our relationship to the mind helping us to let go of the need to be caught up in our thinking allowing us to rest back into our full brilliance and enjoy the moment.


Health & Healing

Health is a result of our ability to live in harmony with ourselves and our environment. Techniques like hands on healing and coaching around the mind-body connection can help us to let go of the cause of our health issues or live more peacefully and in greater acceptance of them.

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Workplace Wellness

Wellbeing in the workplace is paramount to employee performance. Statistics show nearly one in 7 employees experiences a common mental health issue. Proactively providing mental health support can improve staff wellbeing, workplace relationships and productivity.

The Peace Project

Facilitating connection to Peace

The Peace Project is an online initiative to facilitate people's connection to peace.

At a time when global events are leaving many feeling scared, worried and frustrated, the Peace Project aims to be a safe online haven for those that wish to be peaceful for themselves and others.




I am finding it so incredibly helpful and healing, thank you so much for making it available. It is honestly little by little slowly changing my life. I'm really grateful to you for making it accessible, thank you.

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