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Reiki for wellbeing

Today I celebrated the return of my oldest client. At nearly 91 years young, my dad has been coming for #Reiki healing for the last 7 years as a way to supporting himself through life's trials and tribulations.

Reiki being has gained in popularity due to it's gentle and effective nature.

It is SUCH a honour to support my dad through Reiki. I love knowing I am doing my bit to make his mind and body as comfortable and effective as possible and he likes the way Reiki makes him feel. He shares that it reduces his aches and pains, levels out his blood pressure and improves his ability to think clearly enabling him to cope better with life and difficult circumstances.

Safe for all ages

Because it is a quiet and gentle practice, there is no age limitations for receiving Reiki. I have treated babies and I have treated nonagenarians, and every age-group in between. All are able to utilise the energy to balance themselves in whichever ways they need, facilitating a relaxation response that enables the body to carry out essential repairs resulting in enhanced wellbeing.

In babies and children the issues are generally quite small, meaning treatment times are shorter - as little as 5-10 minutes may suffice. As we age, we tend to accumulate more issues, like layers of an onion. It may take multiple treatments to see noticeable results as we peel back the layers of unresolved life stress. In this case a series of treatments is often required.

What happens in a treatment?

In Reiki healing, the practitioner is the vessel through which the recipient draws the energy they need to heal. It means the recipient is in control of the healing at all times as their bodies use the energy to restore harmony and balance. Working this way taps into each person's innate intelligence, allowing them to determine the healing needed and the rate at which healing happens.

Reiki healing is generally a calm and relaxing experience as you lay fully clothed on a couch, covered by a blanket if you wish. The practitioner will then lay their hands above or on your body to allow the energy to flow to wherever it is needed as you lie back and relax. The recipient may feel heat, coolness, tingling or none of those things and their mind may see colours, images or flashbacks and memories as the body releases stress and returns to homeostasis.

Try it for yourself!

Do you have family members that would benefit from Reiki healing? I offer 1 hour appointments at my treatment room in Mark Cross or distance healing sessions for those unable to travel. Prices start from £40 and can be booked via my booking pages.

Want to learn these skills for yourself? Reiki healing is part of a bigger spiritual development journey where you discover your inner brilliance so you might facilitate others to discover their own.

I offer two days courses from beginner level (Shoden) to master (Shinpinden) and ongoing support for students both in person and online. This enables students to build up a working understanding of Reiki over time with the support of a teacher and a community of like-minded individuals to keep them motivated and enthused.

Learning Reiki has been the most valuable self-help tool I have ever done, enabling me to support myself and others deal with life stress, illness and trauma through being more centered, grounded and resilient. I love the theory and the philosophy behind it and that being a channel for healing is a skill I can draw on anytime, anywhere whenever I or others need.

Feel free to request a Discovery Call to find out more about my services and how Reiki may be useful to you, your pets and your family.

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