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The Power of Reiki

In my eternal quest to explain Reiki to be people, I am always looking for ways to communicate the experience that is Reiki.

A recent healing session for myself gives the perfect example, so let me use the format that explains life experiences best; a story that involves a shoulder injury, Reiki healer Jan Brown, a pillow and a physiotherapist.

Jan, is a wonderful healer based in the village next door. A highly effective healer with over 25 years experience, Jan is both a Reiki teacher, coach and author - and thoroughly decent person. We met at a networking event in October 2019 and have been friends ever since thanks to her humble and ego-less demeanor.

I say this because in the world of Reiki it is sad to say that there can be teachers and practitioners with a lot of ego. This is highly ironic because Reiki is all about releasing yourself of egoic control, but still there are plenty that have yet to grasp this basic concept and tout Reiki and themselves as miracle cures. I do not enjoy these kind of people.

Thankfully, Jan was nothing like that. When I introduced myself at the end of the networking there was no ego and I saw I could rely on her to be her true Self just as Reiki advocates. We arranged to meet and exchange treatments and on completion of that struck up a mutual arrangement to exchange treatments and chat Reiki as frequently as we were able.

Recently at one of our regular Reiki swaps where we take turns to exchange treatments, I shared I'd be grappling with a shoulder injury for a few months now and despite acupuncture and chiropractic, it was still there. Jan treated the area as she would normally, and we both went about our days.

Reiki works on all levels

What happened next is a great example of how Reiki works on all levels, and well beyond the treatment itself.

First of all, I soon found myself drawn to visit a large shopping centre. After I made this decision I realised the new pillow I'd been meaning to order online for weeks would be in store. Result! I could purchase one there! After checking availability, we went on our way around the rest of the centre and planned to collect the pillow on our exit. As we were nearing the end of our time there, we passed a bed store. My husband asked if I wanted to check out their pillows? I didn't really, but thought I would anyway as a way of a comparison - to confirm my original decision if nothing else.

I tried out their standard pillow in store and was unimpressed. Of course, by this time an enthusiastic shop assistant had appeared and was encouraging me to try a pillow that she felt would suit me better.

Hmmm. It wasn't bad.

Infact, it was pretty good.

This was unexpected.

I decided to head back to the first store to try out my original choice to give myself a comparison. It wasn't as good. So I trot back to the bed store and purchase the pillow that wasn't originally on my radar, and take it home to use it.

Interesting! After just one night the neck pain that's plagued me for months is on its way out! Excellent! There's still a small injury, but it's nowhere near as bad as what I had been living with (which was agony). It feels like a miracle.

Not done with me yet, the Reiki had more to offer.

A couple of weeks have passed and I've agreed to promote my swimming club at a local run event. Again on driving to the venue I realise these events have sports massage therapists. I'd been meaning to book an appointment with one of these for months, but had dithered on who to choose. So whilst the runners are all out on the course getting wet and muddy, I get a lovely, very reasonably priced treatment from a physio who treats my injury and gives me some exercises and recommendations to do.

Now my shoulder injury tick list of treatments and lifestyle changes is complete, and I couldn't be happier.

So what has all this got to do with Reiki?

It is my belief that what the Reiki did was allow my energy to become balanced. Reiki is all about drawing what you need and it extends well beyond the treatment itself. It includes drawing towards yourself all the resources required to live your life's purpose be it a pillow, physio or anything else.

In getting my own inner energy balanced my outer-world fell into place and my injury was able to heal itself.

Recovery aid

If you are struggling with any kind of life problem, I invite you to consider Reiki as part of your recovery plan. I've seen it do great things for relationships, careers, finances, living arrangements, health, general wellbeing and now my shoulder.

Follow Reiki treatments I've heard about house sales, job offers, apologies, unexpected income, life saving medical treatment and pregnancy's going full term where there has been a history of miscarriages

Want to know more? You can book and have a treatment in-person or via distance, and benefit from my healing expertise or learn the meditations and techniques yourself so you can treat yourself on a daily basis by attending a course.

Whatever you choose, I would be delighted to support you and share the benefits of Reiki with you.

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