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Improve your health and wellbeing with this 6-part home-study health and meditation course.


Having good mental, physical and spiritual health is the foundation of all wellbeing. However, with the pressures of modern life, this is not always easy to achieve.


Meditation is a fast and easy way to let go of stress and return to the present moment. By learning how to live in the here and now we are able to let go of the constant chatter in our mind and experience our true state - one of blissful radiant health.


In this pre-recorded 6-part video series healer, coach and meditation expert Becci Godfrey will walk you through how to support your physical and mental health through meditation and an understanding of the Mind-Body connection.


Through a series of educational talks, practical exercises and guided meditation sessions, this course will share with you the often hidden secrets to good health, healthier happier relationships, getting more done and fighting life less. 


This course is an absolute must for anyone with any long-term health conditions who wants to:

 - let go of chronic stress and overthinking
 - give their b