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Enjoy guidance and support as you start your journey into the benefits of Reiki and spiritual healing.


This online home study course has 3 x 1 hour webinars and an accompanying booklet to share the basics of Reiki Healing.


If you have ever wanted to learn Reiki, or learn more about the benefits of Reiki, this a perfect introduction and will give you enough knowledge to connect with Reiki energy, increase your health and wellbeing and support your physical, mental and spiritual health.


  • Session 1 – Basics of Reiki, History and the 5 Reiki Precepts
  • Session 2 – Reiki Meditations, The Mind Body Connection
  • Session 3 – Hands on Healing for Self Treatment.


Plus a distance healing session. 


Reiki healing is an energy practice and as such transcends time and space. In a distance healing session, the participant is encouraged to find a quiet time they can relax and receive healing support. Distance healing can help with anxiety, tension, pain, illness and life issues without the need to travel. The session starts with a short online or by phone consultation, followed by 40 minutes of distance healing.

Reiki Foundation E-Course + Distance Healing

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