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Mind Detox for Trauma

Earlier this week I asked a colleague to help me with an issue I was having.

I've recently been doing some breathwork training with Nigel at The Breathing Studio. One of the reasons I was interested is because for a number of years now I've had intermittent night terrors where I think I'm drowning and I believe I can't breathe. I also have a history of being highly claustrophobic, so much so that I had started to avoid anything that would make me feel cramped like bunk beds or things over my head.

Seeing as we'd got to a point where my fear of not being able to breathe was getting in the way of my progress, Nigel, a fellow Calmologist also trained in the Mind Detox Method, offered to do a session with me.

Unsurprisingly, the memory that came up was of my birth. Born earlier than expected and not in the hospital, I got panicked by being pushed out before I perceived I was ready. I also experienced low oxygen levels on my way out, to the point where I thought I was going to die. On top of all that, I'd picked up on my mum's concerns that I was being born at home and how my sister had needed medical attention after she was born.

The memory was of being cramped, stuck and very very scared, I was going to die.

Nigel skillfully and patiently worked with me to unravel every part of the memory and find positive antidote learnings till there was no residual stress in my body.

My loving and positive learnings were that I survived, it was temporary, I don't need as much oxygen as I think I do and I made it through. I also remembered that right after being all tightly cramped and squished, I got to stretch and move about!

I scored my original root cause reason as 0/10 and was instantly feeling more open, relaxed and freer in my body.

Fast forward to tonight, and I got tangled up trying to get out of a tight neck jumper. Instead of my usual response of mad panic, I stayed calm and relaxed and just took my time. Wow! What a difference!

Thank you Nigel for clearing a nearly 43 year old issue and giving me my confidence back. I can't wait to see what longer term impact it will have!

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