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What Is In Your Support Stable?

One of my early personal development learnings was the need to be aware the balance between stress and support.

More stress than support and we'll go under. For maintenance, the two need to be equal. For healing, the scales need to be nudged towards more support, which enables us to process and release historic pent up stress.

The goal isn't to eliminate stress, as living is stressful, as are doing many of the things we love and enjoy. Too much support and not enough stress causes boredom, and is just as imbalanced.

Each of us will find different things stressful and supportive, so we must be discerning for ourselves what suits us, rather dictated to by others.


The goal is simply to be aware of the balance within us, and to use that balance in helping to make life choices.

Such an awareness helps us to stop burnout before it happens and refine our daily choices towards healing and growth (if that is what we want).

Do you have any good stories about learning the balance between support and stress?

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