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Should Companies Teach Meditation

I sat down this morning to start my working day and realised I was at one of those wonderful rare junctures where I had the time and space to create the week ahead, rather than being wholly driven by pre-existing demands.

So what is my process to maximise my potential when such opportunities arise?


I have a regular twice daily meditation practice for day to day health and wellbeing. However, when it comes to listening to the lie of the land, and what humanity requires of me right now through my work, an open meditation is my go-to beginning.

All ideas, creativity, connection and purpose springs forth from stillness. So it is to the stillness I go for all new adventures and projects, as well as to check in on existing ones and be fully up to speed and in the moment with my work.

The whole process got me thinking of the companies I have taught meditation to in the last year. Requested to help support staff wellbeing during the pandemic, I personally believe the practice has merit well beyond wellbeing. I believe meditation is imperative for individual and company performance.

Meditation helps to: - Bring people back into their bodies and the present moment - Quieten the mind so it can work more effectively and efficiently - Rest the body, reducing muscle aches and work related physical tension - Permit essential functions such as digestion and detoxing - Create a break between work and living - Acknowledge emotions rather than be governed by them - Improve the clarity and calmness of communication. These are just a few of a wonderful host of benefits I see companies benefiting from when they create a culture of putting the wellbeing of their staff first.

As to the original question of "Should Companies Teach Meditation?" My answer would be, if staff performance is fundamental to company performance, client satisfaction and making a difference in the world - meditation is the only way I know to provide the outcomes mentioned above.

A wise investment

Companies that lead their employees to improve their work (and non-work) performance will enjoy the benefits of their investment. And whilst some staff may have a meditation practice already, creating a work meditation practice takes working lives and outcomes to the next level.

As with all things, meditation has to be done to truly appreciate its benefits. Just taking 10 minutes at work once a day will have an impact!

Go here to find out more about our Workplace Wellbeing opportunities or contact us to find out how we can help with your organisation.

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