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Teaching Reiki

Do you have the pull to teach Reiki to others?

I never planned to become a Reiki teacher, I was only planning to get my Level 2, so I had enough qualifications to legally practice.

And then I heard about the amazing journey from other students about level 3, so I did that course too (they weren't wrong, it was brilliant).

Then one day I had an out of town client come to me for a Mind Detox session - a talk therapy to get rid of unhelpful unconscious programming.

As they sat there looking overwhelmed and unsupported I found myself encouraging them to find a local Reiki practitioner to receive a treatment from. I could see they needed some positive physical touch and nurturing gentle space holding to help them experience love.

As the client was from out of town and I didn't hold out much hope they'd take me up on my advice.

If only I could teach them to give Reiki to themselves! Then they could experience it's benefits first hand, be part of a supportive community and not have to find another practitioner to work with.

Support my clients more

In short, I realised if I was able to teach Reiki, I could support my clients more, and I could teach them how to support themselves too.

I patiently waited till a group of us were ready, did my training and graduated in 2014.

Teaching Reiki has been the most wonderful journey.

Infact, for me, teaching is the ultimate Reiki journey. Before you can share Usui's teaching's, you must know them inside out - which takes your Reiki experience to a whole new level.

Two women smiling holding a Reiki Teacher certificate
Teaching students are invited to co-teach with me to get experience before they teach on their own

My first teaching student to have gone from Level 1 to teacher with me will graduate next year. By then they will have done the one day teacher training, learnt and demonstrated competency of Reiju (the attunement/spiritual blessing), had electronic copies of my manuals and sat in on one of my courses to get teaching experience.

After which, they will be qualified and ready to create their own Reiki school and share Reiki's amazing benefits to the world.

Exciting times! 💜

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