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Reiki is who we are

Reiki isn't something we do only when we've set aside time to do healing, Reiki is something we are.

The option to be Reiki is open to us any time. Whether it's out for a run, in the middle of a heated argument or when doing our meditation practice, every part of our life is an opportunity to rediscover our essence.

Too often I see the word Reiki only used to describe giving a hands-on treatment. If this is the only time we connect to our essence, then we're missing all the other wonderful opportunities throughout the day to discover our divinity!

Here's an exercise for you to try:

Make a commitment to yourself to be Reiki when you're being annoyed by someone. Use your unlimited source of Reiki to see yourself the other(s) with kindness and compassion. Notice your response to the situation and give yourself compassion for the unresolved cause that means you are being triggered. Give the other person gratitude and compassion for showing you an aspect of your life you have not yet healed and for their struggles and difficulty that may have made them behave in an annoying way.

I recommend starting small. With practice you will find your tolerance strengthens and your compassion becomes a permanent way of being.

This is the outcome Mikao Usui intended when he created the practice of Reiki. As a deeply spiritual man who had dedicated years to finding enlightenment, he was passionate about the holistic aspect of Reiki, not just the occasional time spent with your hands on another.


Want to learn Reiki, or progress through your levels? I am excited to be back teaching again and welcome those interested in learning. To book a taster Reiki Treatment with me or ask more about the courses, please get in touch with me via the contact page.

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