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Living life from spaciousness

Updated: May 17, 2022

Tonight I invited the Monday night meditation group to explore life from spaciousness.

It is our natural state to be open and spacious, but with the knocks and bumps of life we have often learnt to contract, go inwards, shut down and hide our beautiful inner light.

Every unresolved incident that our light of consciousness hasn't fully dissolved remains like a layer of dirt covering our inner brightness, or like a rock in a heavy rucksack we feel we must carry. Meditation can be used to help reconnect to our spaciousness by shifting our awareness from tasks, thoughts and doing to openness and be-ing. From this space we can begin to release our stuckness or the things that have caused us to shut down and contract. By remaining open and aware in the presence of our issues and difficulties we are sometimes able to dissolve these issues as our thinking no longer creates them. This can be particularly true of emotions and physical sensations. As the thinking dissolves, so does the problem. When issues (for now) appear to be outside of us and outside our direct control, we at the very least remain present with what arises rather than governed by it. This enables us to be the spaciousness in which our awareness notices an issue. This gives us a choice of whether to focus on that issue and feel it more fully or release it, allowing it to be as it is. Acceptance and being 'present with' plays a huge part in transforming our relationship with things, whatever they are.

The benefit of all this is our spaciousness allows an inner radiance to filter out. A bit like the sunlight through these leaves. People get to see the real and beautiful us, and we get to enjoy a lightness in our step, knowing we are reducing our baggage.

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