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Waking Up To Reality - my story

I grew up with the idea that the mind and body weren't connected. If I got sick, it was because of something external such as bugs or a virus or because I had a fault with my body which I could do nothing about. All health conditions were dealt with by my doctor and beyond eating and sleeping, I was a passive participant in the experience of health.

Baby Becci!

However, my own experiences with Chronic Fatigue forced me to look beyond this strategy. My previous model of a mind and body not connected was not working and I was beyond the scope of what the National Health Service (NHS) had to offer. I was beginning to realise delegating the responsibility of my health to someone else, who didn't have to experience what I did on a daily basis, was leaving me feeling despondent and powerless. I was facing the prospect of the rest of my life like this, and I didn't like it. I didn't believe this had to be my lot, I didn't believe I was a powerless victim and most of all, I didn't believe in being passive in order to get what I wanted. So I decided to take action and make some changes.

The first thing I did was to take back my power. It was time to take back some responsibility and step up and take care of myself. I started to read and seek the advice of people that did believe I could get better. It was a great start and I owe a lot to one individual for first uttering the words "you'll get over this". Ok, so it took a lot longer than we both imagined, but every set back I had was coupled with a new bout of learning.

The truth is, the mind and body are very much connected, or even I would say according to the wonderful work by Dr Candace Pert, indistinguishable. It took me a while to get that far, still for a long time believing that the imbalance was physical and the treatment needed to be also. However, I was aware of the trauma I had gone through in my life and I knew that sometimes my thoughts were less than 100% positive and it became clear that I would have to explore my mental health if I wanted complete peace - and I did.

I guess by the time I came across the healing modalities of horses, Reiki and Mind Detox I was already aware of our mindset and energy awareness being a strong component of many healing-based self-help books. What I wasn't really sure about was how the whole connection worked, nor did I realise the volume of scientific evidence that supports this connection.

Getting my Equine Facilitated Learning qualification in 2010

Learning about and becoming a practitioner of holistic health was the most liberating experience I have ever had. Now I no longer knew I had to be a victim or was powerless, as new knowledge brought new possibilities, for myself and others.

Ongoing learning

Even once trained in Reiki, learning experiences with horses and the Mind Detox Method my knowledge base continued to grow. The first client you ever have is yourself and I committed myself fully to developing my competencies and skills. I loved the challenge of working with a diverse range of clients, helping them to break down their unhelpful beliefs and replace them with life affirming ones. It was my clients that inspired me to take my Reiki training all the way to teacher level and become a meditation teacher. I took my time to develop my understanding of how the three modalities I had chosen to train in complemented and worked with each other to bring about a unique offering, only I, with my unique life experience can offer.

Receiving my Reiki Master Teacher certificate in 2014

It was a long journey to get to where I am now - happy, healthy and still growing - and I have learnt so much on the way. The ability to access and reshape my thinking in a quick and efficient way, coupled with the benefits of practicing regular meditation and/or self healing, daily time with horses and amazing students, means I have a depth of awareness and experience of life that serves me very well.

It is not hard to imagine why I am so passionate about sharing this information with others. I thought for years suffering was my lot, I couldn't change my condition, being chronically ill, unhappy and in pain was as good as it gets. I know now that that was all limited thinking and that actually, given a chance we are far more capable than that. Our potential to become whole again is limitless, people do mend and a return to complete health can happen - and what I love most of all is the growing body of scientific evidence that supports this.

I wish for everybody to have the life they desire, whatever that may be. One part of me doing what I do is to be there for the people to share this liberating experience with them, and act as a guide to others on their journey.

I wish you every health and happiness,


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