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Ever had the feeling "I need to sort my life out?" That's exactly the statement that led me to hiring a Life Coach in 2008, and then going back for career coaching in 2009.

Coaching is for anyone that knows they've got the talent and capability, but not yet the map or knowhow. A coach works with an individual or group to get clear on their desired outcome or goals, helps them discover their inate skills and talents, provides a structure to try and evaluate new approaches and is a cheerleader and witness to your success.

Best known from the sports world and more recently used extensively in business, coaching is receiving more and more recognition for the holistic life benefits it brings. Coaching is now available for parenting, co-parenting, decluttering, laughter, health and wellbeing, wealth and even divorce! Anything you want help to turn into reality can benefit from coaching.

Deep listening

One of the greatest benefits coaching provides is creating a space and structure for people to explore their core desires, drivers and needs. There's something extremely powerful about listening to ourselves on a very deep level so we might bring all of ourselves to our life instead of just some. This time can be used to explore what we feel to be our 'Life Purpose', which helps us to connect to ourselves on a soul level. Coming from soul is the most powerful place to operate from. If you want to be successful, you definitely want to explore what your soul wants for you! Coaching also provides a framework for us to try something new, observe the outcomes and respond to the new dynamic. This is known as:


This might include trying a new health practice e.g. learn a meditation technique to help with feelings of anxiety, keeping a daily journal to monitor mood and provide feedback on the efficacy of the new practice, and then deciding to keep going with the practice permanently as it brings about a greater resilience and experience of calm. Such an approach helps us to build and grow as individuals, which is one of our core human needs!


Finally, coaching helps us to recognise our successes. Because coaching is predominantly goal orientated, even if that goal is something as simple as 'live more in the present moment', or 'be more present for my kids' there still needs to be a point when that goal has been real-ised and celebrated. Celebration is a vitally important part of achievement. Without celebration, we'd walk around feeling like failures for never reaching a point of enoughness. Feeling we're not enough, or we've not done enough is the quickest way to burnout. When the end goal isn't acknowledged or continuously pushed further and further away, we soon run out of steam, become dejected and want to give up. A good coach will help you realise how far you have come and will inspire you to continue.

Coaching helps to provide a map

Should you have a health, wellbeing or business goal in mind you would like to help realise, I would love to help.

Some people need just one session to work on one issue, whilst others sign up to a 3-12 month program to go for significant change.

I offer one to one sessions for individual issues, or group coaching (also done with horses!) for those that want to move forward as a team or organisation.

You can find out more on my booking page. Feel free to reach out and get in touch if you would like a chat first!

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