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Reiki for rest & relaxation

Are you in need of some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation? This Saturday I have an 'open to anyone' day of Reiki booked at the gorgeous at St. Mark's Church, which is also the Mark Cross Community Centre, East Sussex.

This event is perfect for anyone is curious about the calming and healing benefits of Reiki as well as those trained in Reiki that would enjoy a day of self-care and receiving a treatment.


Reiki is the energy and space everything is made of. By connecting to Reiki, we are bring ourselves back into alignment with life, calming our nervous system and allowing healing to happen.

It's a very valuable approach to those experiencing less than perfect health as it supports the body's innate healing abilities, as well as a lovely way to de-stress from a busy life and a stressful few years.

Participants can expect to receive a warm welcome from other like-minded and interesting individuals, a calm and restorative space to spend the day, guidance on how to meditate to centre and ground yourself, how to treat your own ailments and injuries with hands on healing and receive a treatment from a trained practitioner.

There will be plenty of breaks for refreshments (a packed lunch is required) and to ask questions, plus a table of 'goodies' from Harmony Crystals available for purchase.

Tickets have been priced to make them as affordable as possible for a whole day of healing and make great gifts for loved ones in your life. Please get in touch if you have any questions!

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