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Can Reiki Help With The Menopause?

The transition a woman's body goes through from her 40's onwards is no laughing matter.

Weight gain, brain fog, low moods, erratic periods, anxiety, poor sleep, grief, loss of strength, hot sweats and exhaustion names just a few of the symptoms women experience at a time of their life where they're likely to also have major responsibilities such as children, a house to run, a job and aging parents.

Historically the menopause was a taboo subject given virtually no airtime, but thanks to a few pioneering individuals it is beginning to be recognised as a major life change that benefits from being considered, respected and accommodated.

Can a practice like Reiki support women through the menopause process? Yes!!

Reiki is a naturally calm, restorative practice that supports the body's inate ability to heal and perform at it's best.

The symptoms of menopause are entirely natural and to be expected as the body changes.

However, to cope with these symptoms, whether Hormone Replacement Therapy is used or not, requires a great deal of resilience and strength at a time when a women's resources might already be quite stretched.

For example, due to the mind body connection there can be a sense of grief as fertility fades. This can be particularly pronounced in those that choose to or cannot have children, putting a strain on the individual and their close relationships.

Weight gain can cause a loss in self-esteem as body shape changes, and brain fog and exhaustion can reduce performance at work resulting in less opportunities to progress and being overlooked for promotion.

It's no wonder that this age group feels overwhelmed and distraught.

Reiki provides a nurturing safe space for women to accept themselves and the phase of their life they are in.

Reiki treatments can reduce stress levels, improve sleep patterns and deal with brain fog and poor memory.

Receiving a treatment or treating yourself on a daily basis supports the body's ability to adapt to physical changes and deal with the emotional ones.

Reiki also helps women to see the upsides of the menopause. With this life change comes great freedom, a new sense of purpose and pride as a woman moves into her goddess years of wisdom and equanimity.

I highly recommend that all women include a healing and centering practice in their life to help them navigate through change.

If anyone has any questions or would like to know more about Reiki and the menopause, I welcome you to get in touch.

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