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The magic in the moment

Do you rush round from thing to thing barely having a moment? I used to be that person. Busy from morning till night with work, clubs and responsibilities.

It was a beautiful horse called Murphy that worked tirelessly to get me to slow down and experience the moment.

At first, I didn't hear what he was saying, frustrated with his lack of understanding of the time pressure I was under (all self-made time pressure I later realised), I tried to speed him up to my pace.

As time went on, I relented to his persistence and I started to see more beauty in the world around me. As time went on further still I did a whole 180° on my relationship with life.

He knew what I didn't: that magic happens in the pause, not in the doing.

I started to notice so much more! Like how beautiful the stars are, the smell of a crisp autumn morning, that coca cola actually tastes awful and when I was energetically and emotionally compromising myself.

I call it living consciously.

I do less, but get more done.

I hear more, yet experience more comforting silence.

I feel more, but I'm in a place of security whilst I am doing it.

All the books I had read saying I would experience the world more vividly if I slowed down were right! It took time to unwind and get there, but it was absolutely worth it.

Hidden benefits

What was also great was I was carrying much less stress into the next day.

Instead of blindly accumulating stress in persuit of "achievement" and "perfection", I slowed down and appreciated my existing achievements (just be-ing being one), and the existing perfection in and around me.

With the constraints of judgement and time pressure lifted, I started to be at the right place at the right time for the most wonderful synchronicities. I trusted I'd have what I needed at all times and that in this moment, right here, right now - I was ok.

Actually I discovered, I was better than ok, I was brilliant.

So everything changed, when I let go of overthinking, let go of control and let myself open up to the magic.


Would you like help with this? My coaching sessions are all about getting clear on what it is would make life more alive for you, then removing the blocks to that being your reality.

Over a course of 4 or 8 sessions we explore what is in your heart to become reality. We then get creative and make a plan, followed by checking that plan aligns with your vision. If it does, I support you to execute that plan and tackle whatever obstacles come up along the way. If your plan doesn't align with your vision, we refine it till it does.

This is the most effective way I know to achieve an outcome, whether it's a health, career, finance, relationship or spiritual goal. My job is to chaperone you through the process of fulfilling your potential, holding you accountable to your deepest dreams and having limitless belief in your abilities. We work together as a team, dramatically improving your chances of success and learning about yourself on the way.

I have 13 years of coaching experience, am a Association For Coaching member and have some pretty cool success stories under my belt. Get in touch to learn more and ask for a free introductory chat to find out if we are a good fit to work together.

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