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The Power of Love

Yesterday we hosted a group that wanted access to a healing herd of horses as part of a weekend retreat of personal development they were doing.

I have been providing learning experiences with horses for 11 years now and I'm just as crazy about the idea as I was when I begun, except I now have much more experience behind me of why horses have so much impact on us and the benefits that people get

Innocent beginnings

I got into learning experiences with horses thanks to a very charismatic grey gelding called Murphy.

Becci and Murphy, 2010

Murphy was extraordinary. He had this enormous presence and a huge opinion. He could put you in your place just by looking at you! At 500kgs+ he wasn't to be messed with, yet he had the biggest heart! Those deep black eyes would look at you from across the arena and you just felt the love.

From starting his official education career in 2010 (he'd been educating me well before that), till his passing in 2016, Murphy impacted hundreds of lives. Many still tell me today of the impact he had on them, such as role modeling courage, confidence, self-acceptance, owning their masculinity, showing up, the importance of listening, self-care, setting boundaries and being aligned.

One of Murphy's favourite things to do was plant his feet and not move until you'd figured out your issue, and then he'd go striding off!

He was simply incredible, and taught me and others so much!

What Murphy taught me most of all was to be brave, courageous and follow my dreams. He understood that all life is born out of love. At the time I understood it as needing to connect to love in order to be successful. Now I understand that we are love, so when we connect to love, we are simply connecting to ourselves.

Murphy showed me what it was like to be loved. He loved everyone he met boundlessly and unconditionally. He judged no-one and his forgiveness was legendary. He is 100% behind why I offer learning experiences with horses, with the horse side of the business very much feeling like it was his business and not mine! I often felt under pressure to "bring him clients". He just loved the work and people so much!

Murphy passed at the age of 23. His legacy lives on in the everything he taught me and the work I now do. He taught me so much about listening to the wisdom of horses, something I do very much with my current herd.

Murphy is proceded by Squirrel, Dainty and Jim

Murphy also inspired me to find creative and novel ways around problems. We were a partnership for 19 years. In that time, he watched countless boyfriends come and go (and encouraged a wedding), we shared an illness (we both had post viral fatigue), letting go of the conventional 9-5pm to honour my calling (so I could spend more time with him), a 3 month trip to Madagascar (after which I was banned from taking long trips away again) and how to grow as a person, so I might meet the challenges life threw at me (of which I've had plenty).

I owe everything I currently do to this one, incredible, life changing horse. It is my honour to have been his human and share his teachings with you.


Do you want to have your own incredible experience with horses?

Thanks to Murphy's legacy, I continue to offer powerful learning experiences with horses. Our next opportunity to be in their presence is a 2 day, non-residential Meditation Retreat in Mark Cross, East Sussex on 14th and 15th August.

In it, you will get to learn and develop the important life skill of stillness, surrender and presence.

Led by fellow horsewoman and meditation teacher Josie Truelove, this retreat will marry the best of being around horses with learning to let go of the thinking mind and dropping into oneness.

When we are in a state of harmony and balance, we are at one with the world and all of life.

Held outdoors, with good ventilation and plenty of space, let the horses help you discover the beauty and magic of being human. We have just a handful of places left for those wishing to dive into a wonderful weekend with us!

Dainty boldly takes on where Murphy left off

If you have any questions about the event, please get in touch. To find out more or sign up to take part, visit the event details here.

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