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Energy management and flow...

It's Wednesday morning and I have just finished a call with a coaching friend. Wednesday mornings are Wellbeing Wednesday's in my diary, where I take a half day off during the week to schedule in activities such as a call with a friend, some Reiki, acupuncture or trip into town.

Tea and cake, the perfect chill out Wednesday combo

Wellbeing Wednesdays are a throwback to when I used to take Wednesday afternoons to plan and do the prep for my wedding (7 years ago).

The concept of taking a break mid-week with time specifically scheduled towards one goal turned out to be such a success, it has stayed! Wedding Wednesdays became Wellbeing Wednesday, and now it is scheduled in my diary on a Wednesday morning forever more!

Oblivious to the benefits it'd give me before I set it up, I've discovered a mid-week break dramatically improves my end of week performance. That little working respite where I do something during the week to put some energy credits back into the bank means I get to Friday in a much better state, and feel less drained when it gets to the weekend.

Another bonus, is often work weekends. Knowing I've a mid-week break when I might be teaching Reiki all weekend, means I don't experience burnout and mental overload. No clients can book on a Wednesday morning, you will see that only Monday afternoon, Tuesday all day, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday all day and Friday morning are available. That leaves Monday morning for set up and admin, and Friday afternoon for final bits of admin and to wrap up the week. This means I go into the weekend less stressed and ready to relax and recharge.

Following flow...

When I have downtime, I use it as I see fit. Sometimes I might schedule something in, sometimes I might let the use of the time evolve as it needs. It's the absolute opposite of control. In my free time, and for a large chunk of my life to be honest, I have one guiding principle - does this take me closer to my ultimate goal of experiencing more health and wellbeing, peace and calm?

It was Okuden Reiki (level 2) that taught me about responding to the moment. In Okuden, the student learns to tap into their innate wisdom to receive divine guidance on how to conduct the session. This is building on the structured teaching given at Shoden (level 1) done to get students started. In Okuden, the student surrenders control of the session to allow them to treat the recipient as needed. I remember once this meant making a scooping movement with my hands at the foot of the Reiki couch of one of my first clients for almost 15 minutes. I felt a bit wierd about it at the time, but stuck with it. In doing so I saw that the world didn't end and a great result happened, when I let my intuition guide the way.

This gave me the confidence to try such this approach in everyday life. Suddenly, I started to find I enjoyed the most wonderful synchronicities like being in the right place at the right time, that I couldn't have made happen, even if I tried!

Infact, trying is often a barrier to succeeding. The famous Yoda quote of "Do or not do, there is no try" is very true.

The concept of "consciously trying" (as opposed to having a go) is based in lack. When we consciously try to make something happen, we're actually forcing something against it's will. Sometimes, with enough effort, the goal can be achieved yes, but at huge cost to our energy levels, health, relationships or career.

Instead I find the process of letting my day flow and unfold as the moment suggests is best. Doing so listens to my heart and brings my powerful and well-connected gut brain into play.

No thinking required here...

This is of course, a dramatic difference to how I used to operate. Prior to me trusting my instincts, my day was governed by a lot of thinking, worrying, calculating and "shoulds".

Unsure what to do after uni, I aspired to a 9-5 job because that is what I "should" do. I figured I needed to work, get my own place, have a relationship, get married, settle down. Boy, did it throw me when my life didn't go to that plan!

Totally at a loss of what to do, I felt deep shame that I had "failed". In truth, what I had failed to do was listen to myself and act according to my inner desires and instincts. The disconnect between who I was and what I wanted deep down, and who I was doing and how I was living on the outside was deeply uncomfortable. I felt disconnected, depressed, unsatiated, was unable to sleep and I hated going to work; with a passion!

It was no way to live and something inside of me encouraged me to be brave and find another way. So I tore up the "rule book" of cultural norms that I felt I was expected to follow and liberated myself.

Those first few years were terrifying. It was like I had left the safety of the clan only to step deep into the wilderness. Little by little however I started to see I was ok, and I began to get brave and push my comfort zone bigger.

Little shifts I made were:

  • Letting there be gaps in my diary by not having every moment of my week planned, allowing time for spontaneous creativity to arise

  • Making new plans if I woke up and felt something different was needed

  • Not trying to constantly second guess what might happen in the future and instead respond to the moment

  • Being ok with fluctuation in income

  • Being ok with things looking different to expected

  • Embracing my "happy accidents" and enjoying the benefits

  • Trust myself and trust life.

The benefits of a more free, relaxed attitude to life have been:

  • Unexpected outcomes far better than I had imagined

  • A feeling of peace and serenity

  • Wonderful serendipity

  • A much richer and more exciting life

  • A feeling of being "on purpose" (even though I don't always know what that purpose is!)

  • More energy to put into creative ventures

  • A quieter mind and less anxiety

  • Greater efficiency

  • Better overall health.

"Cross that bridge when you come to it"

Do you know this phrase? I've known it for years, but it's only till recently I have come to realise what sage advice it is. No-one knows EXACTLY what tomorrow will bring, we can only live in the now, honouring our instincts and responding to the present moment with our whole being.

I trust this little insight into how I operate is useful and has sparked some of your own creativity and curiosity. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out and ask! You can contact me here.

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