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Reiki and children

Reiki is an healing practice where a practitioner creates a safe space for the recipient to take whatever energy they need to restore inner harmony.

Normally, for adults this is done with the recipient lying on a couch, whilst the practitioner scans and then channels energy to the areas of greatest need. It is a relaxing and often insightful experience for the client, who may experience physical sensations, images, memories, emotions and colours as their body completes essential repair work.

With children a couch may be less practical, after all, you're a child, you're full of energy and want to be entertained! Here, creative ways may be required so that healing can happen.

Reiki can be be given to children in all sorts of ways. It can be done by distance, where the practitioner is in the room whilst the child is sat with the parent reading a book or doing some colouring. Or the practitioner can be in a different building entirely and connect through our interconnected human nature, enabling both practitioner and child to be at home. These approaches work well when the parent isn't Reiki trained and the child is unfamiliar with the practitioner.

However, my favourite approach for children is to train up their primary caregivers so they can give Reiki in lots of creative ways that fit with the child's needs. Popular approaches are before bed to aid restful sleep, sofa cuddles and filling the house with positive energy.

Many benefits

Children are generally receptive to Reiki if delivered in a way they feel safe and comfortable with. It helps them relax when they feel stressed, heal quicker from injury or illness and feel confident to be themselves. It can be used to help deal with bereavement, cope with transitions, build healthy relationships and mange their emotions. Indeed a pro-active Reiki practice for children will give them great resources to draw on when times get hard as well as it being a great way to build a strong relationship with your children.

Reiki skills are also great for teachers, therapists, nursery workers and dentists needing to keep children calm and help them manage their emotions at times of stress. Like animals, children intuitively know who is calm and pleasant to be around. Giving off a strong vibe of safety helps children to focus on learning and play rather than having to deal with chaos.

To that end, I would like to run a Reiki For Children course, teaching parents and caregivers how to access their innate ability to be calm to support healing and child development. It'd be perfect for anyone that feels they could do with help with how to manage a child's challenges or who wants to give their children the best start in life.

Interesting to know more? Drop me a message via my contact page and I can share more details about the course duration and what you will learn.

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