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Limitless living for health

Feeling a bit low? Meditation is my go to "charging device" when my battery needs a top up.

Along with good food, a clean environment to live in and positive relationships, meditation helps me get my internal house in order when my external life experiences have caused me to fall out of whack.

There's nothing more delicious than coming back into your own being and feeling your internal resources build up to healthy levels again after a period of stress or illness.

I wonder why don't more people meditate when they are stressed, sick or tired?

I believe it's because without proper tuition they have little understanding of it's benefits and don't realise what is available to them.

Meditation is experiential, which means thinking about meditating and imagining what it would be like is very different to experiencing meditation. Thinking about meditation is living in the thinking mind, whereas experiencing meditation is discovering what life is like beyond the confines of the mind. One is limited, the other is limitless.

Mastering the basics

Whilst there are lots of free resources around that teach meditation these rarely enable us to get the full benefits available to us. I would always recommend a teacher to help you master the basics of meditation as you switch from thought-based living to experience-based living.

There are hundreds of great meditation teachers around, each with their different strengths, ways of seeing the world and life experiences.

My favourite approach is to teach in person where we can be in a room together and feel one another's energy. This helps you understand what is possible via a meditation practice and me understand what your challenges are and how best to support you.


Interested in learning more? I teach 1:1 meditation coaching for those that like a quiet environment or have a physical or mental health issue they want help with, and in small groups via my in person meditation and Reiki courses.

1:1 sessions are done at your own pace and can be spread out over a period of 3 months. Reiki courses are 2 days and can be done as two days next to each other or up to 2 weeks apart.

Check out my bookings and events pages for more information, and to get in touch to find out more.

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