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Reiki and laundry

I had the joy and benefit of teaching Reiki last week, and one of the metaphors I share is how doing Reiki (which is actually being Reiki) is like doing your washing.

Life happens, and like our clothes, our energetic being accumulates 'dirt'. This may look like lactic acid in our muscles, trapped food in our bowel, gall stones in our gall bladder, unprocessed feelings like grief or shame, a busy mind, unheard intuition to try something new or feeling weighed down, heavy and depressed by life.

Doing meditation, Reiki, and having a Reiki treatment is like putting our clothes through the wash. It is cleansing, brightening and restores us to our full potential.

A Reiki treatment for example, provides the opportunity for our bodies to prioritise cleaning, which is a huge part of healing. This is why stomachs often gurgle, eyes shed tears and we remember images and memories during a treatment - our bodies are releasing stuck behaviours, patterns and emotions and our feel and heal system is kicking in!

This process may feel a little disruptive at first whilst our existing energy and Reiki energy combine, much like our dirty clothes and water, as we mix them around to loosen the dirt. In a treatment this can present as twitching, sighing, rocking or crying - all signs of detox and release showing that the Reiki energy is having an impact.

Once the 'dirt' has been lifted from the clothes, it drains away with the dirty water leaving clean clothes - or in the case of a Reiki treatment - a clean us.

Feeling calmer

After a treatment people frequently describe themselves feeling calmer, more relaxed, level-headed, having a quieter mind, feeling lighter, brighter and less fatigued.

These benefits continue well beyond the treatment itself, often lasting for many days until the next layer of 'dirt' is ready to be released.

This is the process by which people are able to heal gut disorders, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, acute and chronic pain, skin issues and hormone imbalances. As part of a holistic approach, Reiki supports our ability to heal and stay healed, where that potential exists.

Intensive treatments are great for dealing with a health issue, and regular treatments help with maintenance. Historically family members would have treated sick loved ones multiple times a day until their illness was gone (there are stories of tuberculosis and even a heart attack being dealt with this way). Reiki students would have attended ongoing classes to receive Reiju (a spiritual blessing) and tuition once a month to develop their healing abilities so they may be better healers.

Feel free to ask me about my treatments, Breakthrough Days, courses and Reiki Shares for yourself or loved ones that need support. I am here to awaken the latent healing abilities in as many people as I can to increase health and wellbeing, and be of service to the community. 💜

P.S. the image of socks is symbolic. When you do Reiki people lie clothed on a couch and when treating their feet you get up and personal with a lot of socks!! 😆

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