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The peace paradox

Thoughts, feelings, emotions - we all have them - it's how we relate to them that counts.

If you criticise, analyse, try and fix, dismiss, ruminate or numb how you are thinking and feeling, we do more harm than if we open up to experiencing whatever is live in our world right now.

Creating a safe space to let ourselves think and feel as our body needs to releases pent up stress and enables us to go about our day productively.

Holding on to emotions, thoughts and feelings makes us feel hemmed in, heavy, stuck and overwhelmed. This leads to reduced physical function, and could be a contributing factor to a health or life issue.

Meditation helps us to create that safe space and develop an ability to be at peace with thoughts (and know we don't have to listen to them), ok with feelings (because we know they will pass) and empowered by emotions (because we know they are there to help us heal). Learning to quietly breath when times are good builds in a resilience to use this resource when times are tough. It helps us come back to a resting state of calm, lowering our blood pressure and enabling the body to repair.

Reiki is another great tool. Doing Reiki on ourselves helps to deal with present and historic issues, allowing us to release them, no matter how long they've been part of the furniture. If it feels too much to do alone, receiving a Reiki treatment can help create the necessary safe space when we need a little extra help (advised where stress levels are high and confidence in our abilities is low).


We all have the capacity to come back to a place of harmony, though for some that may be a longer journey than others.

I know, because I have been there.

From highly anxious (thankfully we didn't have so many labels back then, so I enjoyed blissful ignorance of my "condition") to a work in progress that has a high number of tools and a great support team in my tool box.

There's so much support and information I can share with others struggling with feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired, disconnected and anxious. If you know in your soul you are destined for more than your current symptoms, then join my next learning opportunity on 24th June.

I am hosting a Reiki Day day in the beautiful Mark Cross Community Centre. It's a chance experience Reiki healing for the first time if you are new to it, or enjoy a day of self care if you already have some training. Family, children over 16 and friends welcome. Check out the event details to find out more, and book to secure your space!

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