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Reiki for the treatment of stress

The string below represents a concept I've been sitting with for a while. If you take a simple piece of string and put twists into it, it starts to shorten, change shape an eventually look and behave very differently.

Each twist for me, represents the stressors of life - the weather, school, jobs, family, money, relationships, activities and inherited trauma.

Some life experiences are more stressful than others adding more twists, and others help us unwind or make no difference.

Each deformity in the once long and flexible string represents the consequences of stress. This may show up as headaches, back pain, gut issues, difficult relationships, money troubles, poor attention, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, low confidence or chronic phobias and fears - to name a few.

Energetically unwind

A Reiki treatment helps us to energetically unwind. It gives our body the opportunity it needs to address life's inevitable stressors and release them.

A Reiki practitioner scans your body to see where most tension is held then places their hands above or on the body so that it can draw the through the practitioner the energy needed to unwind and heal. Each treatment helps to address stored stress by supporting the bodies natural healing mechanisms. It's a deeply calming technique, which is pleasurable to receive and profound in it's consequences.

Many people get great benefit from a single treatment, but as you can see, this may not address all of the stress stored in the body in the first go. It may take multiple treatments for an individual to get to the level of health and wellbeing they are aiming for, which is why a practitioner will often encourage you to return for more treatments, so you can benefit from the full potential of this relaxation approach.

The next time you find yourself feel uptight and wound up remember a Reiki treatment can help you to relax and unwind. Though you don't need to wait until it is a crisis! Reiki is a great maintenance technique. Any time you are run down or in need of support is a good time to book a treatment with me, and so is if you enjoy staying positive, healthy and well.

I look forward to welcoming you!

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